The Form Technologies Platform

One common platform. A world of advantages.

No matter which division, location, or role, across all of Form’s companies we provide a consistently superior experience for everyone who works with us.

That’s because we believe that supporting our business worldwide starts with one thing: a strong foundation.

Ours is built on three pillars—our operating system, our people system, and our customer system. Combined, they make up the Form Global Platform. Working together everywhere, to achieve success every day.

Operating System

Form Operating system (FOS)

The first pillar of the Form Global Platform performs as our Form Operating system (FOS), the framework we rely on for engaging our workforce and empowering everyone to take ownership of the decisions they make in their jobs.

Improved Results

The FOS incorporates a coordinated set of procedures for identifying problems, implementing changes, and developing easily repeatable systems that can be adopted into everyday practices.

Then others across departments, and in all locations, can apply these changes to make their work better for themselves, give customers a superior product, and continually improve business results for all.

People System

Investment in People

Adding to our foundation with the second pillar—our People system—allows us to develop and invest in the future of Form.

Our Graduate Program

We established the graduate program as an extraordinarily effective way to identify, recruit, and train up-and-coming engineering talent and potential leaders while providing world-class experience to recent graduates.

The success our future talent will bring to Form relies on the hands-on learning they gain, side by side with our current team of global stars, to make our People system an interconnected loop of valuable experience and new ideas.

Customer System

Responsiveness and attention

Technical expertise. Industry knowledge. Responsiveness and attention. And most of all, precision.

These are the characteristics we cultivate in the experienced and highly trained sales, marketing, project, and customer services teams that make up our third pillar—our Customer System.

Customer Connection

This close customer connection starts before a project even begins, with our teams’ deep knowledge of their markets and vital local touch points around the world. And it continues through order tracking and long past delivery.

From idea to reality, the Form Global Platform equips our teams, processes, and systems to center around the success of the customer.